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Business Diplomacy © is part of the Diplomacy360 © Program, and aims to transfer diplomacy skills to business.

Remarkable in terms of goals and an outstanding agenda, the program – in the fourth edition phase, addresses to the same extent business people, managers and decision-makers in Romanian or international companies as well as other experts in international relations. Last but not least, Business Diplomacy is also being of interest to diplomats and civil servants working in business-related and diplomatic fields.

Under the Program, the participants will be familiar with the ways in which business leaders interested in becoming more competitive, can acquire:

  • methods and techniques specific to diplomacy to anticipate threats and exploit opportunities arising from geopolitical change;
  • skills to avoid conflicts and build strategic alliances to protect their interests, solve problems and develop business.

  In order to operate sustainably and to protect their interests in the markets, companies need to develop internal competencies that enable them to create, cultivate and manage high-level relationships with international interest groups, influential and relevant governmental, non-governmental and private factors for the company’s activity.

The Business Diplomacy program started in 2014 through a series of workshops and conferences initiated by the Romanian Business Exchange aiming at understanding the need to use diplomatic techniques and strategies in the Business environment.
NEW! Starting in 2018, the program has also been complemented with Business Diplomacy Training Modules, specifically addressed to businessmen and decision makers in Romanian companies interested in expanding their local and international business, such as executive managers and employees of international companies.

Business Diplomacy Conferences are taking place in a context where business paradigms are changing rapidly, being sensitively influenced by geo-political, technological and economic factors that are not just about the national element, and business decision-makers need to find new methods and techniques for succeed.

BUSINESS DIPLOMACY Conference – November 9, 2017
The panel consisted of 19 speakers from the country and abroad (diplomats, business people and international relations experts). The conference program here.
The marathon conference was held over seven hours in the presence of over 160 participants and subjected to public debates the ways in which diplomacy can help business people anticipate risks, identify and exploit new business opportunities in an environment global, complex and volatile business.
More details here about the 2017 Conference, the 2016 Conference and the 2015 Workshop.

conferinta business diplomacy 2017 sheraton sah bucuresti romania
business diplomacy bucuresti 2017 shaun colin
business diplomacy 2017 dante glavan

The Business Diplomacy program aims to organize, besides conferences and workshops, a series of training modules to strengthen the internal capacity of companies to cope with external challenges to the organization, and develop skills specific to problem-solving diplomacy and business performance improvement acquis.
Business Diplomacy Training Modules can be tailored to the business and needs of companies, with personalized modules being developed within them.


Esti interesat de Conferintele sau Modulele de Training in Business Diplomacy? Contacteaza-ne prin formular si vom reveni la tine cat de curand. Interested on the topic of Business Diplomacy? Write us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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